" Dear Dr. Han,

I really didn't know what to expect when I went to your office for a consultation. As you know I've been to several other specialists regarding the problem with my nose. When I met you and your staff I was happy to find myself in a warm and caring environment. You are a brilliant doctor and I am forever grateful for helping me get my confidence back.

Thank you,"

- P.G.

" Dr. Han & Staff,

It has taken me a while to find the words to describe how grateful I am. It is awe inspiring to me to be able to breathe through my nose. After years of sinus infections, constant headaches and restricted breathing, I don't know where to begin. Amazing results aside, you & your associates were the most kind, responsive and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I shopped around for doctors when considering rhinoplasty and your office was the first place I felt comfortable. I truly appreciated the time you took to talk with my parents and I before surgery to help ease our nerves. It was also reassuring to know you were just a phone call away during recovery. Now, roughly five months after surgery, I love my new nose. It not only works correctly, but looks perfect. I believe it is even better than before I broke it. My confidence level is finally growing back and I am no longer hyperconscious of angles when taking pictures. I can also say I have not had a sinus infection or sinus headache since before surgery. Happy does not even begin to describe how I feel about the results and experience. I am ecstatic, relieved, grateful, overwhelmed and joyous about every aspect of having surgery with you. I have already begun singing your praises to my friends and family. I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

Warm Regards,"


" I went to see Dr. Han concerning my deviated septum and difficulty breathing. Since I also suffer from asthma and allergies, it had affected my everyday life greatly. After examining me, Dr. Han saw that I indeed did have a deviated septum and went over what my options were and if I had any concerns. I decided to have a septoplasty done to correct my deviated septum. Also during my consultation, I asked about getting a rhinoplasty done as well. I had a bump on my bridge and I never liked how my profile looked Dr. Han said that both can be done at the same time and that the healing period afterwards should be fairly quick and smooth.

I was allowed to go home a few hours after my surgery. I was surprised to see that my face was not swollen or bruised. I had a small cast on my bridge and stitches near my nostrils with gauze underneath my nose. The first two days I took the pain medication and had some mild bleeding. The rest of the week, I took Tylenol for pain and I didn't need the gauze anymore. A week after the surgery, I got my stitches out along with my cast and I was able to go back to work. My nose looked amazing and I was very happy with the results. As the weeks went on, the swelling went down and I could breath much better. Many people I know said that my nose looked really good and I was pleased with my overall look and feel inside and outside my nose. Dr Han did a fabulous job and I was happy the recovery period went so well. Thanks again to Dr. Han and his friendly staff for all their help! "

- C.L.

" To summarize my experience with Dr. Han in a word: superb! From my initial consultation to weeks after my operation all I ever received from Dr. Han and his staff was a professional and courteousness rarely seen nowadays. And at the same time the team was completely down- to-earth and extremely supportive for what was my first surgical experience. Dr. Han's office sets the standard for what the medical professional experience should be. "


" I have been suffering with seasonal allergies for years. Multiple times a year I would endure sinus infections and almost weekly, severe headaches. When I went to see Dr. Han, he not only offered me hope of improving my quality of life, he also took the time to explain why I was in pain.

Almost 8 months ago, Dr. Han performed sinus surgery on me. Since that time, my headaches have been few and far between and my quality of life has vastly improved. Additionally, I was impressed with my post-surgery recovery. I had very minimal bruising/ swelling, which proved to me, that Dr. Han is not only a great doctor; he is also a highly skilled surgeon!

I am extremely pleased with my experience with Dr. Han, and his staff. The entire staff always greeted me by name, and they were very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Dr. Han's office as my ENT specialist and plastic surgeon! "


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