Nasal Sinus Disfunction


Treatment of nasal sinus dysfunction will not be complete without management of allergies. Over 45 million Americans, or approximately one fifth of the population, suffer from one kind of allergy or another. Some of us don’t know that our symptoms are allergy related. Airborne and food allergens can cause numerous symptoms and chronic conditions in the ear, nose and throat region. Headaches, dizziness, ear troubles, recurring sinusitis, chronic sore throats, hoarseness and chronic cough could all be related to allergies. We will take a thorough history to determine if allergies are aggravating your condition and offer comprehensive allergy testing for airborne and food allergens. Our allergy specialists will then determine the best course of action, whether it is allergy medications or sprays, allergy shots and/or simple avoidance of the allergen. If you require treatment with allergy shots, we can teach you to do it safely at home. This convenience makes it easier for you and improves the treatment outcome. For those patients that have a fear of receiving injections, sublingual immunotherapy (placing the extract drops under your tongue for absorption, also known as SLIT) may be recommended.

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