6 Complaints Rhinoplasty Can Fix

6 Complaints Rhinoplasty Can Fix

There are tons of reasons for some people to consider a rhinoplasty, or nose job. Sometimes, it’s about getting a different look. Other times, it could be discomfort while breathing. Though there are about 220,000 rhinoplasties performed each year, it’s important to make sure that you see an experienced ENT, or Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. 

Wade Han, MD, FACS, and Elvira Lingvi De Armas, Au.D lead our warm and professional team at Florida Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Han has the additional advantage of being a board-certified plastic surgeon and offers rhinoplasty procedures that give you the results you’re looking for. 

How does a rhinoplasty work?

Rhinoplasties were first performed in Ancient India. This early procedure, called Sushruta, grafted skin from the cheek and used it to replace a portion of the nose, which would have been cut off for medical reasons, or after an attack. The procedure has evolved, with technology rapidly advancing through the 19th and 20th centuries, to what is now a common procedure with minimal social stigma. 

Today, this procedure starts with a consultation, including talking to Dr. Han about your goals. Dr. Han may ask you to not eat or drink anything the night before your procedure. When you come in for your rhinoplasty, depending on what you need, we will give you either a local anesthetic, which will numb your face, or general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep until Dr. Han has completed the surgery. 

During the procedure, skin is carefully and gently separated from the bone and cartilage of your nose. Dr. Han either cuts the cartilage down or takes a bit from elsewhere in your nose to change the shape of your nose. As mentioned, rhinoplasties are very common and don’t normally take longer than two hours. Complex cases may take longer, but Dr. Han gives you an estimate for how long your procedure may take. 

Do I need a rhinoplasty?

The answer to this question may have to be left to Dr. Han. Rhinoplasties are generally considered to be low-risk procedures, but it may be appropriate to place you under general anesthesia, which comes with risks, and requires you to arrange for a ride home. There are some common reasons for which people consider rhinoplasties, including:

Deviated septum

Once stigmatized as the mark of illicit drug use, deviated septums are a fairly common medical issue that can affect your ability to breathe comfortably through your nose. Though the septum of most people is slightly to one side, a seriously deviated septum elevates the risk of nasal crusting, nose bleeds, and shortness of breath. 

Asymmetrical cosmetic surgery

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal, and not every surgeon has the experience or skill level of a board-certified practitioner like Dr. Han. This can result in disappointing cosmetic results from less well-versed surgeons. If you don’t like the results from another rhinoplasty, Dr. Han can help create the nose you want. 

Nose too large or wide

The ideal balance of face size versus nose size is something that has shifted and changed across history and culture. Today, women, in particular, tend to choose rhinoplasties that reduce the size of the nose, including the width of the nostrils, giving your nose a slimmer, more streamlined look. 

Bump in nose, or changing shape

Choosing a rhinoplasty can not only also the size of your nose, but the shape as well. While a distinctive nose bridge is celebrated among some, it’s a reason to call Dr. Han for others. Though the end result will likely be the removal of just a few millimeters, the difference in your profile will change the look of your whole face. 

Chronic breathing issues

When used to treat a deviated septum, rhinoplasties can widen the nasal passages, allowing more air to pass easily through to your lungs. This can make participating in sports, and simply sitting or standing, much more comfortable. Sometimes, accidents or surviving an attack may leave you with a broken nose, but a rhinoplasty can help your nose stay straight, and keep your nasal passages open and wide. 

Cosmetic concerns

The best-known reason for considering a rhinoplasty is to change both the shape and size of the nose. Whether you’re dissatisfied by the outcome of another procedure, or if you’ve been thinking of changing the appearance of your face for some time, Dr. Han is a practitioner who can get you the results you’ve been looking for. 

I think it’s a good idea to change my nose.

Dr. Han is more than happy to give you a consultation to see how we can help you. While rhinoplasties are considered common and low-risk, they are still invasive procedures for which some individuals aren’t good candidates. If you’re ready for a change, call us today at either of our Florida offices for a consultation or book an appointment with us online. 

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