How Serious Should I Take My Ear Complications

Dr. Wade Han and his team at Florida Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida provide comprehensive care that alleviates ear pain and prevents chronic infections. 

The basics of ear infections

While anyone can develop an ear infection, kids are especially prone. In fact, five out of six children will have one or more infections by age three, making ear infections the top reason for children’s doctor visits. They happen when the tubes that supply fresh air to the eardrum become blocked due to factors, such as a cold. Children are more likely to develop them partly because the tubes in their ears can more easily collapse, compared with adults, making way for these blockages. And pain and irritability are the primary symptoms.

There are three types of ear infections, including:

Ear infection complications

If you or a loved one has an ear infection and seek care promptly, treatment may include pain medications followed by a wait-and-see approach. Many acute symptoms alleviate as healing unfolds within two weeks. In some cases, antibiotics are necessary to fight the infection. Letting an ear infection go on and on without proper care could lead to these complications:

To avoid these complications, don’t treat ear infections lightly, especially if they keep returning or seem severe. To learn more or get proper diagnosis and treatment, call Florida Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery or book an appointment through our website.

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